Saturday, October 30, 2010

List of Actor's Names from Chiller Theater

Cheryl Tiegs
Theresa Russell
Chris  Bruno (From the Dead Zone so sweet)  He was filming a Reality Show on fans at these conventions.  I didn't sign up to be interviewed.
Ian Ziering 90210 & Guiding Light
Olivia D'Abo
John Astin
Ralph Maccio
Nancy Allen
Richard Roundtree
Linda Blair
LeVar Burton
David Naughton (I loved him in My Sister Sam and the Dr. Pepper commercial I'm a Pepper, He's a Pepper, She's a Pepper.....
William Sadler
Lesley Ann Warren
MeadowLark Lemon
Kristy McNichol
Kimberly J Brown Halloweentown and Guiding Light
Charlene Tilton
Patrick Duffy
Linda Gray
Deborah Van Valkenburgh (too close for comfort)
Sharon Farrell (It's Alive) One of my favorite classic horror films
Ernie Hudson  Ghostbusters
Sandhal Bergman (Conan, Red Sonja)

Autographed Photos from Chiller Theater